Thursday, January 26, 2006

Canola Oil Spray

I really really really don't cook that often, no seriously, did you read the part about what this blog is dedicated to? Trader Joe's has given me the wonderful luxury of heating up stuff that tastes yummy without going to any real effort. But every once and a while, I stir fry things (most prepackaged frozen veggies in delicious pre-made sauces that I'll blog about later). And when I do stir-fry, I usually grab the TJs Canola Oil Spray to coat my wok. It's a light, non-stick cooking spray that probably works just as well as Pam, but is made with Canola oil, which is the good oil (according to the South Beach Diet). So I can feel a little better when I spray my 1/3 of a second, no-calorie spray on my wok.

A quick note about my wok. I love that thing. My dad always used to cook with a wok when I was growing up, which meant that instead of p, b and j for lunch I had to eat Star Annis Chicken. Which of course I appreciate now as an adult but man Star Annis Chicken sucked when all you wanted were chicken nuggets. And of course when I got older, I found out that other kids got to eat all the chicken nuggets that they wanted. I even have one friend whose sister ate only chicken nuggets for three years. Man she was lucky. So the funny thing about my wok is that my dad got me one of those authentic ones, where you have to wash it very carefully and bake it in the over or something. I tried to work with it for a couple of times, but it was a real pain in the ass to take care of, so I traded it in for a Calphalon fake wok. Which is coated in teflon and you can clean with soap and water and it really amazingly easy to use. Plus it heats up in 30 seconds and cooks the food really evenly. It's like a Chinese microwave.

Back to the Canola Spray. Since it does it's job, and is kind of boring to talk about, I'll talk about other things, like the cute packaging. Look how pretty those flowers are. Trader Joe's does a great job of making it's packaging look so cute. Although the cooking spray looks a little too similar to spray that you might have in your bathroom and that type of mix up would just be gross.

And how about this for a little Canola trivia? Canola stands for "Canadian Oil" which techincally doesn't work out to Canola, but you get the idea. It's really rapeseed oil, but the Canadian rapeseed industry realized that rapeseed is a horrible horrible product name if you are trying to market anything. Rapeseed is actually this really pretty yellow flower (the flower pictured on the front of the packaging). I remember seeing it all over England, these beautiful fields of yellow and feeling a little violated whenever someone would remind me that I was looking at beautiful fields of rapeseed.

Cost: $1.99 I've got to double check on that

Nutrition facts: nothing to see move along folks

On the back:
Trader Joe’s Canola Oil Cooking Spray is made from naturally clear expeller pressed canola oil. Canola Oil spray is excellent for non stick frying, sautéing or baking. It can be used for cooking meats, poultry, eggs and vegetables or to make garlic bread. It can also be lightly sprayed directly onto salad greens, hot pasta or vegetables to add flavor. Trader Joe’s Canola Oil Cooking Spray is a sodium and cholesterol free food and is made without alcohol.

Store Location: by the oils, the sprays and the pasta sauces