Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pear Halves

TJs Pear Halves (or Peach Halves) are pretty awesome, mostly because if you have some in your fridge, you always have some fruit to snack on. Fruit seems to disappear all the time in my apartment, mostly because it goes bad so quickly and therefore we feel compelled to eat it. And it's yummy. So I love the fruit in jars concept because it keeps so well (I couldn't even find an expiration date on the pear halves jar that's just awesome although some people would say that's just sketchy).

I usually take two or three halves and add them to TJs Greek Yogurt with a little sugar. With the peach slices, I like to just eat them with a little whip cream on top. You can also add the peach slices to cereal and the pear slices to oatmeal, yummy. I've never added them to salads, like the back of the jar suggests, but I guess you could make a pear, gorgonzola, walnut salad pretty easily. I think I might try that next time I buy the pears (these pears are almost gone, can you tell in the photo?)

Oh for the day that all fruit can be suspended in liquid and kept for a very very very long time! Actually one more thing about TJs Fruit In Jar Foods - the syrup is white grape juice and very light. Alot of Fruit In Jars have a very heavy syrup which even if you drain it off of the fruit when you take it out, still manages to make the fruit taste kind of funny and syrupy. Plus I think the white grape fruit juice manages to lower the calories a bit, but that's really an unconfirmed thought and I'm too tired to google it to confirm it.

Cost: $3.29 per jar

Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size: 1/2 Cup
Calories: 70
Sugars: 12g

Back Of Jar:
Trader Joe’s Pear Halves in white grape juice are grown in the region of Valencia, Spain. The warm Mediterranean Sea produces sweet, flavorful pears. Use them as a topping on your favorite desserts, such as ice cream or yogurt, or add them to salads.

Store Location: In the canned food aisle, near the sugar


Aaron said...

This is so AWESOME! I don't really care about the canvas bags, but the commentary is priceless.

This blog is BFF Approved!

Your BFF

ilana said...

how could you not care about the canvas bag? seriously it is so superior to the plastic one. I might have to buy you and Kristen one for your wedding present. Actually I hate wrapping gifts so I think I will just put your real wedding present in a TJs canvas bag.

love your BFF

Carole said...

I like the blog a lot!!!! It's very you.

Your Mom

Kartik said...

This blog is indeed very you. But do you really think the warm Mediterranean Sea produced these sweet succulent pears, or do you think that just sounds nice? Because I don't think the sea really had anything to do with it. I do have to give you props (this may be the first time I have every given props, probably because it sounds very East Coast, mostly because it sounds like prep) for giving the nutritional information because as I was reading the post I was thinking, "She really should give nutritional information for food products." But I can only assume that the Peach Slices are not Peach Halves, or else they would have been called Peach Halves. And likewise, would you say that the Pear Halves are not Pear Slices? At what point does a slice become a half?

ilana said...


Of course the warm mediterranean sea gave birth to those pears. Actually I don' even think pears are grown in Spain.

And whoops, they are called Peach Halves because they are really indeedy half of a peach. Suspended in juice of course. I'll ammend my original post.

Slices are techincally 1/3 of a half, according to me.