Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Junk Food Jihad

I'm back! Actually I never went anywhere (well okay I did travel a lot for work), I just went through a non-cooking period, which happens to me from time to time. See I just really really really don't like cooking that much. So I use any ol' excuse not to cook and for the past couple of months I've been traveling for work and I got some bad headaches and Mercury was in retrograde (okay that last one wasn't true but it sure sounds like a reason not to cook).

So now I'm going to try to jump back on the cooking bandwagon. I feel like an addict who had a relapse (I'm sorry! No more Del Taco! I promise!) Actually I did have a moment where Paul and I paid $16 for Del Taco and surprise surprise it wasn't that good. And I could have gotten filet mignon for $12 and some green beans and mashed potatoes for another couple of bucks to make a very tasty meal. I made a birthyear resolution to make more of an effort to connect with food (through taking more time to cook, shopping more often, buying fresh foods rather than fast foods) instead of just quickly consuming it, like I usually do. Does that sound pretty California hippy dippy or what?

I've also gotten into the idea lately of how Americans are always at war with their food. The war on obesity. The battle of the bulge. The Junk Food Jihad. Food = bad. How many times have people said to you that they've eaten something that they know they shouldn't have, with a slightly gleefully/guilty look in their eye? And then they of course talk about going to the gym to work off the calories. Blech. I'm tired of exercising just to pay off all the cheeseburgers that I've had in my life. I want to exercise because it feels good (swimming) or it's fun (tennis) and I want to eat because I enjoy it. Crazy, no? I guess the real problem (and the problem for most of America) comes in when I don't feel like exercising enough but I do feel like eating In N' Out.

Okay well one more post and then I need to decide whether or not to go for a walk or get a cheeseburger. Well maybe I can combine the best of both worlds and walk to In N' Out. Heehee.


Kartik said...

I do like the subject format of this posting. Kind of like an editorial or something.

But there is no way your filet mignon and mashed potatos for a couple more dollars would have been anything better than mediocre. Del Taco is kind of crappy compared to Taco The Bell. And why didn't you go to Brad Pitt Taco Bell since it is right next to your apartment?

For the record, it is In-N-Out. Though I agree that they should put an apostrophe on the N. In fact, two: In 'n' Out.

But can Jihad really just be substituted for War like that? I suspect that you are going to get some Muslims mad at you. Of course, they already hate you because you are a wacky Jew.

I think I figured out why people like to eat more than exercise:

Eat=instant gratification, feel bad later.
Exercise=feel bad now, feel good later.

So, given the choice between feel good now, or feel bad now, which one would you choose?

ilana said...

No seriously Filet Mignon is like $12 a pound so we got a pound, grilled it up on my fake grill (one of those annoying grills that fits over the oven burners) and it actually tasted delicious. Not restaurant quality but not Del Taco.

And I beg to differ on Del Taco vs. Taco Bell. Two things, those Del Taco french fries are the best fast food french fries out there and that fish taco that they make is the best thing since sliced bread.