Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Nutty Nutritionist

I was watching my post-Idol, post-House, post-Law and Order SVU, post-Veronica Mars (at least for part of the season jesus Tuesday was a big night for me and Charto for a while) show, My Life On The D-list, tonight. Kathy Griffin as a poor-man's Ryan Seacrest, she would find that rich. I love the feud between her and Ryan, because most guys in my life, no matter how gay they find Seacrestina (TM Television Without Pity) and they mostly do still find him gay, side 100% with Ryan in the feud. Guys just do not like Kathy. Except of course for her gays.

Anyway, she's trying to lose 10 pounds for some stupid article that Star Magazine is doing and she hired this guy that the TV show captioned "The Nutty Nutriotionist." So I spent about 5 minutes googling the nutty nutritionist, before I figured out that probably wasn't his brand name, it was just the silly caption that the wacky producers used. Although The Nutty Nutritionist is kind of a funny name for a nutritionist.

But he didn't seem particularily funny. He advised Kathy to eat lots of twigs and berries, and he brought her a bag of groceries from Trader Joe's. In one of those hippy paper bags that I hate so much. Why do they keep pushing those awful paper bags? Those seriously have to be bad for the environment, just think of all the trees that give their life for those extra thick Trader Joe's paper bags.

I'm still waiting for TJs to make it mandatory that their customers bring their own bags. They are getting one step closer to that goal by giving everyone who brings their own bags in a chance to enter a raffle. I've entered that damn raffle three times and I don't think they have done the drawing yet. What is up with that TJs? You are just giving away a bag of groceries, which can't be more than $30. Unless some packs their groceries filled with really expensive steaks.

I do need to take a moment to acknowledge Kartik, who commented back awhile on my post about the canvas bags. Yup you were totally right about the canvas bags. They have totally gotten gross. I finally had to retire two of them to the laundry. And there is probably no laundry detergent that is actually going to clean them up that well. So I'm just going to have to tote around grungy canvas bags. And get snooty looks from all the dirty rich hippies that shop at the Toluca Lake Trader Joe's.

But back to my girl Kathy. The second best moment in the episode, after seeing the shout out to TJs? Kathy's parents bring over all these delivious baked goods from, yup, you guessed it, the best bakery in the Valley, Porto's. A perfect day is dinner from TJs (carnitas which is my favorite TJs food and is fitting since Porto's is a cuban bakery) and dessert from Porto's (the chocolate croissant is really the only dessert I've tried and it is awesome). And if TJs and Porto's combines forces they would be unstoppable and take over the world.


Anonymous said...

Im an employee at a Northwest TJ's and with the amount of people who come in everyday and fill out raffle tickets repeatedly there's no way you can expect to win after you've only filled out 3 tickets and as for the paper bags, at least they aren't plastic and can be recycled and provide other uses aside from carrying groceries as well.

Anonymous said...

I almost burst out of my skin with excitement when my friend Tia told me about your Trader Joe's blog. Trader Joe's is my absolute favorite store and the only reason I shop elsewhere is because they don't carry ice and a few other hard to finds like corn syrup and Malt-O-Meal. Although I am still suffering from the retirement of Sharon's coconut and passion fruit sorbets, I am greatly looking forward to reading your witty opinions and comments on new products, the fearless flyer and all things TJ's! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I agree- guys are weirdly hostile toward Kathy Griffin. I find her sarcastically funny - maybe guys dislike her because she embodies the shrilly chick that we all hope we aren't like??

Anonymous said...

i also work for trader joes, in portland, OR. your chances of winning the drawings are slim. 99% of the customers that come through my line say that they haven't won yet. at least you aren't complaining that new seasons and other stores offer you a nickel back for each bag. my favorite response to that is "yes but how much more did they charge you for the same products?"

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