Friday, March 03, 2006

I Heart TJs Banners

Here are some banners that I created to support I Heart TJs. I don' t really know why I went to the trouble of creating banners since most of the people reading this blog don't have websites where they can advertise my blog. Except for my friends Kristen and Aaron who are getting married soon (hint hint) and are putting together a wedding website.

It's funny because some people are really against wedding websites, they think they are tacky. But I think wedding websites are a fantastic idea because there is so much helpful stuff that you could put on the website (directions, things to do in the city where the wedding is being held). Also you could totally blog about how the wedding is progressing, rather than having to update all of your friends separately on how the wedding is progressing.

I think what I will really use the banners for is to advertise I Heart TJs on MySpace. I think it's time that I go around randomly adding friends of friends and leaving thanks for the add messages that include my banners.

And I did actually get around to making I Heart TJs business cards. They are essentially the same as the black/white/red banner only it has some contact information on the bottom. I got 250 so I need to step it up a notch and start handing them out, not just to friends and family (oh yes you will get yours) but maybe to actual Trader Joe's shoppers. Like the other day, there was a perfect opportunity for me to pass out a business card: this woman was on the phone, talking about how she couldn't find a particular product. I could have helped her find the product, and then directed her to visit my blog for more product information. But I'm still not over the fact that I think people might think I'm a weirdo if I start randomly talking to them at Trader Joe's. And what if Trader Joe somehow finds out and busts me?

Of course if anyone does want to post the banners on their site here's the HTML code: (special props to Kartik for helping me post just the code and not the banners again he is an HTML god among men)

the first one: <a href=""><img src=""/></a>

the second one: <a href=""><img src=""/></a>


Anonymous said...

and on the wedding website you could take bets on whether or not the bride and groom will 'do it' on the wedding night - hint hint

ilana said...

well that will all depend on the pre-wedding night classes that you and I are administering to the bride (trips to Victoria's Secret and Spencer Gifts)... we better get those started, the wedding's only 4 months away!