Friday, March 03, 2006

Salmon In A Bag

Okay I talked a little about Salmon In A Bag in my fearless flyer post. But Salmon In A Bag is so awesome that I need to post about it. Plus I heard a pretty funny radio commercial on Salmon In A Bag where the Trader Joe's guy talked about the phobia associated with cooking salmon. Which seriously I have. It's more a fish cooking phobia where the fish usually tastes okay but I'm not a huge fan of fish so okay isn't really good enough.

I'll be the first to admit that Salmon In A Bag is not necessarily the best name. And a quick double check of my last post reveals that it's actually called "Boneless Skinless Salmon Fillets in a Cooking bag" which sounds a little better but not that much better. But seriously this is the best tasting salmon I've ever had, including Salmon In A Restaurant. It comes out of the bag really tender and delicious and doesn't taste that fishy at all. And the best part of course is that it doesn't stink up my entire kitchen and I don't have a gross pan to clean up afterwards.

The one drawback is that when I grill salmon, it gets this yummy crispy crunchy skin. That doesn't happen when you cook Salmon In A Bag In A Microwave. But I will definitely give up the yummy crispy crunchy skin thing for all the things that I gain.

I've had Salmon In A Bag twice in the past two weeks so my heart is really happy from all the Omega-3 oils or whatever makes salmon the most perfect happiest food in the world.

Cost: $7.59 a pound

Nutrition facts: I'm blogging from the road so I'll grab this later

On the back: I'm blogging from the road so I'll grab this later

Store Location: In the fresh meat/fish area, in my Trader Joe's, it's right near the fresh vegetables.


Christina said...

Dude I heard about that on the radio today and thought it was an amazing idea! I must obtain me some salmon in a bag. :D

Anonymous said...

um, do I get any credit for sending you that TJs article from the NY Times?!?!

ilana said...

dear anonymous i.e. Tia didn't you see my shout out to you at the end where I posted the link? of course you get major props for sending that article!

Jillie said...

I love the Salmon in a bag! It is especially good with Lawry's Caribbean Jerk Marinade. I could eat it everyday and not get tired of it.

karenskrazy said...

OMG salmon in a bag how I love you! I always try to mariante my salmon but it never tastes as good as salmon in a bag. The salmon just gets all infused with dilly goodness.

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