Sunday, June 11, 2006

The bioregion hippy jam band

Does Trader Joe's count as harvesting food locally? They seem like the type of grocery store that purchases locally. Like does everyone remember that post that I wrote about the Gala Apple Juice that was farmed up in Oregon or Washington (is there really any difference between those two states? Ha! Just Kidding! Not Really! or in internet speak H!JK!NR!) Well whatever Oregon and Washington are in my mind local.

Food Ways | Eat Where You Live

Last year, Jessica Prentice and Dede Sampson, Bay Area chefs, and Sage Van Wing, a writer, started Locavores, a group in San Francisco dedicated to eating foods grown within a 100-mile radius of home (like the yogurt above). In an attempt to raise awareness about the globalization of the food supply, members invite people to register online ( and to eat locally for at least one month out of the year. MELISSA CERIA

Okay I went and checked out the website. I like some of their ideas, especially about how we use lots and lots of fuel to transport food. And they have my favorite term, bioregion. That should definitely be the name of a hippy jam band. I'm not sure if I can actually do that locavore (I'm just so damn lazy when it comes to food, I'm lucky if I make it to Trader Joe's instead of Del Taco) but it's something to aim for.


Kartik said...

This posting is much more bite-size readable, which I am pleased about.

I kind of doubt that Trader Joe's purchases locally a lot for 2 reasons:
1) They are a national chain now, so that would be difficult, and
2) I think they get a lot of imports, as in from other countries, and those countries are definitely not local. I think of Trader Joe's as the Cost Plus (Cost+?) of food. Even though Cost Plus also has food.

Ok, yes, I agree that Washington and Oregon are the same, except I really like Portland and I don't really love Seattle that much. But when I am talking about Lista, I frequently say Portland or Seattle or vice-versa since she used to live in Portland and now she lives in Seattle and they really are the same.

Also, I think that Oregon might be a little more democrat than Washington. But I am kind of making that up.

But you do realize that west coast people like myself think that all of New England is kind of the same state except for New York City, right? And maybe DC. Like Maryland, NJ, CT, Vermont. Is there really any difference? I guess Ben & Jerry's is from Vermont.

ilana said...

I'm glad that you, someone who actually lived in Portland, acknowledge that Portland and Seattle are really just the same city.

And I know that everyone on the West Coast thinks that Connecticut is just a suburb of New York, but that's just because it is.