Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New Banner! Bourgeois Products...Proletariat Prices!

code in case you want it: <a href=""><img src="
bourgeois%20products%20copy.jpg"/ ></a>


Kartik said...

I have to say that it is really funny that you actually used the word Proletariat in your banner ad. I don't think I have heard that word since high school history class.

Though I do kind of wonder what TJ's management thinks of you pushing socialism in their ad.

But other than the 2 Buck Chuck, does TJ's really have lower prices than other grocery stores?

Also, when did you get such mad Photoshop skillz?

Anonymous said...

I was first exposed to "proletariat" by Ayn Rand in We the Living - great book, but to the point, totally about communism in 1930's Russia.

Anonymous said...

yes, trader joe's prices are much less than regular grocery stores, and drastically less than "comparable" shops like whole foods, etc.